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Mary. Poland but NY soon.

I'm too busy shipping gay couples for real friends.

Also i want to thank these two boybands, who are destroying my life.

SCISAAC WEEK: (is every week)

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★ Scisaac AU Week:

«AU Scott Mccall Vs. The World is about a 17-year-old werewolf Scott Mccall, a slacker and part-time musician who lives in Beacon Hills and plays bass guitar in a band. He falls in love with a British delivery boy Isaac Lahey, but must defeat his seven evil exes in order to date him. + Plus Stiles as his sassy gay friend gay roommate»

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★ Scisaac AU Week:

«AU in which everybody lives in a comedy-adolescent-romantic verse; our hero or victim Scott Mccall suffers from a rumour (which is true) that was filtered into the school revealing his crush for the popular Isaac. And literally, everybody knows it; his best friend, as his ex girlfriend, his team, even the boyfriend of his best friend. The only thing left is him accepting it finally and to see how things turn out well at the end of the movie.»

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SCISAAC WEEKTragic Tuesday 

hurt (with a little comfort): Isaac has a nightmare that Deucalion made Scott kill him to become an Alpha. Scott reassures him that’ll never happen.

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★ Scisaac AU Week:

«AU in which Isaac and Scott are sons respectively of the two opposition candidates, so what began as an adventure and turned into a romance must be hidden to protect the media and the political career of their parents. And do not forget all the sexual tension in the debates and events.»

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Favourite Teen Wolf Moments (2/)